Welcome to the 30-Day Self-Pleasure Course for Women!

I’m so glad you decided to join our free 30-Day Self-Pleasure Course. I hope you will receive numerous benefits from the practice and the course.

Self-pleasure is a profound pathway to self-love – which we could all use a little more of in these trying times.

This course will teach you about your body, your sexuality, your mind, your heart AND…your relationship to PLEASURE!

My invitation to you is to remain open, curious and loving toward yourself as you go through the course. Do as many daily practices as you can and don’t beat yourself up if you miss some or a lot. Do your best. As Marie Forleo likes to say “Go for progress, not perfection.”

If you would like a preview of some of what’s to come, read this article on Mindful Masturbation.

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Olivia JadeOlivia Jade

Olivia has been passionately supporting men and women to create transformation and empowered lives for over 8 years through tantric workshops and private sessions. Olivia recognized her innate potential for holding space and creating openness in people. She has cultivated this gift through her own deeply transformative journey of tantra, sacred sexuality, energetic healing, bodywork, flower essences, yoga, meditation, whole foods and more. Olivia’s greatest desire is to hold feminine spaces of loving, compassionate, receptivity for men and women to reclaim and realign with their own true, unique and loving essence.