Make Love. Change the World.

We believe that life is:

Too epic to just scratch the surface of what is possible,
too juicy to settle for shallow sex and stale, unfulfilling relationship.
And that, life is too precious to walk through half asleep.

We know that tantra brings aliveness when you feel stuck, love and healing where there is separation, deep connection with spirit and orgasmic bliss into vanilla sex.

If you’ve tasted tantra, or had an experience of true bliss and openness in love-making, then you know what we’re talking about.

And you know that it’s impossible to go back.

Does it sound too big to come true? Well guess what! It’s already happening.

Our Vision …

Our Dream is to create a world where sacred sexuality is practiced everywhere. Where relationships are seen as opportunities to become conscious, loving and open. And where sex, love and spirit are not fragmented parts of our life, but lived as an integrated whole. We are dedicated to creating a ripple effect of love, openness and joy that is big enough to reach the entire planet.

Choose Love Discover Tantra

Welcome to your online temple for tantric wisdom and embodiment. Take a deep breath, drop your shoulders, relax your mind a little.

Welcome! So you’re here because you’re looking for something…

Love, sex and intimacy as you know it isn’t fulfilling you anymore. You’re not alone, and you’ve come to the right place. Perhaps you’re fairly satisfied already, but as a lifelong learner you still long to go deeper. Maybe you’ve just discovered tantra and are right in the beginning of your journey. Or maybe you’ve already read some books, been to some workshops, or even had a tantric lover. Maybe you simply want to become a truly amazing lover.

The Why …

We are trustworthy tantra.
You usually have to sift through a lot of low-quality, confused information if you go online to explore tantra. We know, we’ve been there. So, we created LiveTantra because we wanted a high-quality offering of trustworthy tantra all in a space of down-to-earth sacredness.

Tantra is the new yoga.
We are here to dispel myths and fears surrounding tantra. You can openly tell your co-workers you love your weekly vinyasa class, and almost everyone has at least tried a downward dog. There are multiple yoga schools in every city. Yet, tantra is still seen as something slightly strange and unusual, a hobby worth keeping a secret. Yet, tantra truly has the potential to radically change our lives and heal the world by transforming fear into love.


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